Saturday, July 17, 2004

William J. Bennett: free enterprise at public expense

At Reagan's memorial William J. Bennett said,
"With [Reagan's] faith that government tax policy was the problem, not the solution, and a firm grasp of the fundamental principle of economics -- free enterprise works -- he released our creative energies and entrepreneurial spirits. "
A few days later, we read (Santa Rosa Press Democrat: News for California's North Bay and Redwood Empire)
"Students throughout the [California] North Bay will have a chance to join a new 'virtual' charter school, part of a national network backed by former U.S. Education Secretary William Bennett.

Bennett is coming to Santa Rosa on Friday to tout his national, taxpayer-supported [emphasis added] school program ... .

[Bennett's] California Virtual Academy will receive about $4,700 in state aid for each primary grade student. Of that amount, the charter school will pay Bennett's K12 company about $1,800 for curriculum and online resources, plus about $600 for administrative support."
Is anyone surprised to see how happily private enterprise finds its way to the hated taxpayer-funded checkbook?

So does Bennett favor Bushonomics: it's ok for government to spend money; it's just wrong to collect taxes to pay for it? Or is it that Bennett thinks that it ok for government to "tax and spend" as long as the spending goes to companies like his? I really don't know.

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