Wednesday, July 21, 2004

On Girlie Men and Our Manly Governor

Steve Lopez writes a terrific column for the LA Times.  Today he took on our Governor. Here are some highlights.

  • Number of times Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger promised an on-time budget in the last year: Too many to count.

    Number of days that have passed since the budget deadline: 21.

  • Total dollar amount of the 2003-04 budget signed by ex-Gov. Gray Davis: $99.1 billion.

    Total amount of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's first budget after promising to shrink government: $103 billion.

  • Number of employees on Gov. Schwarzenegger's staff who make $100,000 or more: 14.

    Number of employees on Gov. Davis' staff who made $100,000 or more: 8.

  • Schwarzenegger's whereabouts just hours after vowing to stay in Sacramento and fight like a warrior to end the budget stalemate: Beverly Hills fund-raiser.

    Amount raised at Beverly Hills fund-raiser by Schwarzenegger, who earlier promised to end fund-raising during budget season: Roughly $400,000.

    Amount Schwarzenegger has raised for himself and committees he controls since the day he said he doesn't need anyone's money because he has his own: $30 million.

    Nickname that best applies to ex-Gov. Davis when comparing his fund-raising prowess to Schwarzenegger's: Girlie man.
Read the whole column.

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