Friday, July 02, 2004

The charges against Saddam are mainly historical

According to, for example, New Zealand News - World - The charges against Saddam and BBC NEWS | Middle East | Charges facing Saddam Hussein, the charges to be filed by Iraq's new government against Saddam Hussein are mainly concerned with acts committed in 1991 or before. Only a vague charge of "Killing Political Activists over 30 Years" concerns more recent acts. Here are the actual charges.
  • Invading Kuwait, 1990
  • Suppressing Kurdish and Shi'ite uprisings, 1991;
  • Anfal ethnic cleansing campaign against Kurds, 1987-88;
  • Gassing Kurdish villagers in Halabja, 1988;
  • Killing political activists over 30 years;
  • Killing religious figures, 1974;
  • Killing thousands of the Kurdish Barzani clan, 1983.
If one of our rationales for invading Iraq was to rid that country of a hated dictator, the charges don't reflect such a perception on the part of the new Iraqi government.

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AJ said...

I'm glad the charges cover the time frame that they do. The charges meet the needs of the victims and their relatives, and hopefully they find some measure of justice in that (and it is painfully clear that it is long past time that Saddam be held to account).
I'm sure there could be a list of 50 charges against Saddam, if they really wanted to get technical (like the olympic athletes who were treated like shunt at the hands of Saddam's son), but these charges are certainly sufficient in that if he is found guilty, his punishment will be severe.