Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Saying No to Killers

The genocide in Sudan is not over. Nicholas Kristof continues to be our conscience and to remind us that we are doing nothing to stop it.
Colin Powell's visit to Sudan was an excellent first step, but President Bush has remained passive. As for John Kerry, he averted his eyes from Darfur for months, but last week he finally demanded action against what he termed genocide. ...

If readers want to help, I've listed some actions they can take on www.nytimes.com/kristofresponds Posting 520 (but please don't send money to me). Moral choices lie not only with those who, like Carl Wilkens, risk death to help others, but also with the millions of ordinary people who are spared the risks but still face a basic decision: Do we try to save lives, or do we simply turn away?

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