Friday, April 15, 2005

The merchant is always right

I just discovered that according to credit card rules (at least this is what my Citibank credit card customer service person says), the merchant is always right.

While in Europe I stayed for two nights at the Hotel Grindelwald in Switzerland. They charged me for three nights. When I complained to Citibank I was told that unless I had written proof from the merchant that the charge was wrong, the charge was considered correct.

In disbelief I asked whether the carge would be considered correct no matter what it said, that the policy is that when you give your credit card number to a hotel when you check in, you lose all rights with respect to what you can be charged. The customer service person told me that this was correct.

If anyone has any suggestions about a possible next step — other than not using that credit card company any more — please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

I've had some issues with Citi also. I use the online payment option and things worked well for ~6 months. At this point, I was contacted by my bank that Citi tried to draw some money, but had problems on their end completing the transaction. I then called Citi to see if I had to resubmit a payment and was promptly told "no, everything's fine." In ~3 weeks, I was contacted by Citi and threatened to sign me over to creditors because I had not paid my monthly payment. At this point, they had decided to charge me over 150 dollars in late fees and finace charges on a 0.0 apr card and raise the apr to 18%. After talking to 3 reps and 2 managers, I finally got my account fixed and fees removed (however, they still insisted that the $20 fine for bounced online check could not be refunded). At this point, I was informed that this was a one time courtesy and I should be more careful next time. It's great when someone scolds you for something they did. =/