Friday, April 29, 2005

Bush the liar, yet again

As you have probably heard, Bush has proposed progressive indexing to "fix" social security. This means that benefits will rise with income for the lowest earning workers but only with prices for higher paid workers. This will certainly work. It will fix the system.

The reason I call Bush a liar is that this is exactly what he has been complaining about for the past 6 months. This solution is what in the past he has called social security bankruptcy. Now he is embracing it. Of course he is not admitting that he has changed his mind. Like the dishonest politician he is, he is claiming credit for an idea he once despised. He did the same thing with the idea of a cabinet post for Homeland Security and with the idea of investigating what went wrong with our intelligence system.

Predictably the Democrats are bashing him by charging that he wants to cut benefits, which he does, and which many of them had pointed to as a perfectly valid solution before Bush adopted it.

They are all liars, but I hope Bush takes the heat on this.

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jdonnell said...

There are two points I'd like to make about this.

1. He didn't give specifis so we don't know how this will affect most people. He said that it would be modeled after the Pozen plan which sets the means tested cuts very low. If my memory serves a person making ~50k would have the benefit reduced by ~28%. Now that is a huge F U to the middle class.

2. I didn't like the idea of means testing when the dems proposed it and here is why. Doing the means testing adds significant costs and complexity to a system that can easily be fixed in a simple way. a) get rid of the $90k cap so that all income is taxed for SS. b) turn back some of bush's tax cuts. He wants to get rid of the estate tax which if left in place would cover a huge chunk of the future gap in SS.

P.S. - I'm a student at CSULA, but we haven't met yet