Friday, April 29, 2005

With a Chancellor like this, who needs enemies

Charles Reed, Chancellor of the California State University System (CSU), (that's really the picture of him posted on the CSU system web site) issued the following statement in response to rallies by the California Faculty Association (CFA) protesting inadequte funding of the CSU in the state budget.
The California State University strongly appreciates Gov. Schwarzenegger's unwavering support for the California State University and rejects the false statements that protesters are saying about the governor.

Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed adding more than $200 million to the CSU's budget for the coming year, which will be the first increase in our budget in three years. …

The California State University could not find a better supporter than Gov. Schwarzenegger when it comes to higher education funding.
CFA points out that
the $200 million … includes $110.5 million in increased state funding, with the balance coming from increased student fees. This increase comes after two years of deep cuts totaling 20 percent of the CSU budget ($511 million) [and previous significant increases in student fees.]
The University of California (UC) system has received similar treatment at the hands of the Governor. Their leaders are complaining about inadequate funding rather than congratulating the governor on his generosity.

Disclosure. I am a member of CFA.

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