Thursday, September 18, 2008

McCain lies, again

Last March in an interview with the Wall Street Journal McCain said, "I am always for less regulation." Now that the banking system has fallen apart due to lax regulation he says, "We need strong and effective regulation."

Obama's reply seems to be that he was there first and would be a better regulator because he really believes in it.

Obama's message should be that McCain lies again. That's got to be his message from here on. McCain lies. Say it over and over. It's no longer about policy. McCain will take any policy stand he thinks will win votes. He's for change. He's for regulation. He's for ending the war. He's anti-Bush. Etc. You can't beat him on policy grounds because he has no policy. He'll be whatever you want him to be. You have to beat him by making sure the public sees him for what he is: a shameless hypocritical liar.

Here is the choice the country faces: a , incompetent, dishonorable, not-very-bright Republican white man who has converted himself from a straight-talking maverick into a farce and who wants to continue the policies in place for the past 8 disastrous Republican years or a competent, intelligent, honorable African-American. I think the country actually understands that this is the choice. Yet I'm so afraid the country will chose the white man. I'm sorry to have to put it this way but it seems to me that the only way to turn this around is to make McCain so ugly that even an African-American will look better.

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