Saturday, January 08, 2005

David Brooks has something constructive to say about social security.

In his column today, David Brooks actually offered some creative ideas about social security — ideas that no Bush-style Republican would be caught dead thinking. In particular he suggested that
it would be useful to broaden the frame of discussion. All the talk so far revolves around Option 2 from the president's 2001 commission. Why limit ourselves? There are dozens of creative reform ideas out there. Many include getting rid of the regressive and job-crushing payroll tax and replacing it with something else. In this week's Weekly Standard, Irwin Stelzer recommends a tax on pollution and imported oil. Others suggest a consumption tax.
I can't imagine any "anti-tax" Republican favoring broader and less regressive taxes of any sort. But I'm willing to wait and see if Brooks can bring anyone else along with him.

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