Thursday, January 20, 2005

Can MoveOn turn things around?

MoveOn PAC wants to take back the government through local organizing efforts — the kind that the Republicans have used so successfully.
[I]f we can convert the passion and energy of the progressive movement into power on the ground, we can take back Congress and create a watershed moment for America in 2006. Today, we're launching our big plan to do just that. Together, MoveOn members will build an organized grassroots campaign on the ground in every Congressional district to stop the Bush agenda and win back the House. Changing the political direction of the country will not be cheap. In order to begin hiring staff, developing materials and advertisements, and choosing districts for extra effort, we need to raise $500,000 this week. Can you help?
Why does it cost money? Most people don't like asking other people to do things. I don't like going door-to-door and talking about politics. One thing that makes it easier is to be part of a larger group, a group that helps organize things and a group that walks with you. Often that means paid staff members, people whose job it is to help others overcome the discomfort of asking their neighbors to vote in a particular way. Having people like that help with an effort like this can make all the difference. I think it's worth trying. I'm sending some money.

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