Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Honest reporting by the Bush administration?

The New York Times reports:
The State Department on Monday detailed an array of human rights abuses last year by the Iraqi government, including torture, rape and illegal detentions by police officers and functionaries of the interim administration that took power in June. …

The lengthy discussion came in a chapter on Iraq in the department's annual report on human rights, which pointedly criticized not only countries that had been found chronically deficient, like North Korea, Syria and Iran, but also some close American allies, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
I've been critical enough of the Bush people for lying and covering up in the past. It is refreshing to see a bit of honesty.

Is this Rice's doing? It is a State Department report. Did she clear it with the White House before releasing it?

Perhaps Barbara Boxer's comments about her integrity during her confirmation hearing got to her. I hope so — and I hope that this is the result.

Unlike the rest of the Bush people, who seem willing to sell their integrity for a barrel of oil, Rice does seem to care about her integrity.

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