Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Does Eugene Volokh submit the same paper to multiple law journals?

He wrote:
I am happy to have just finished submitting my latest article, Rethinking Searches and Seizures in a Digital World. I'm pretty excited about the article — it asks and answers a number of big questions in the field of criminal procedure that are beginning to come up a lot but no one has written about yet. I think the article 'clicks' pretty nicely.

Having blogged at length about the law review article submission process, I thought some readers might be interested to know what approach I chose. On the paper vs. electronic submissions question, I ended up mailing paper copies to most of the journals on my list. I submitted electronic copies to the journals that encouraged them, however, including the main law reviews of Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Penn, and Cornell.
For most academic publishing, one submits articles to only one publisher at a time. Is law different?

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