Friday, March 25, 2005

Information Dominance Center

I just came across a web page describing the Army's Information Dominance Center. It was too good not to copy.
The Land Information Warfare Activity (LIWA) Information Dominance Center (IDC), a Headquarters Department of the Army operations support activity assigned to the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), provides multi-disciplinary Information Operations (IO) support to the U.S. Army's component and major commands. LIWA/IDC has broad authority to coordinate IO topics and establish contact with Army organizations, USN, USAF, and JCS IO Centers, and with DoD and National Agency IO elements.

Acting as an operations center, an intelligence analysis center, and a communications hub, the LIWA Information Dominance Center is the focal point of all LIWA activities in support of the Army and of JTF-CND. LIWA teams deployed worldwide are continuously linked to the IDC via a number of communications means: common user circuits, strategic communications links, and dedicated satellite terminals. The IOC performs as a typical command operations center, maintaining the status of IO events worldwide, and orchestrating the activities of LIWA's deployed teams and internal supporting activities.

As an analysis center, the IDC provides dedicated support to LIWA's deployed teams and the commands they serve. Tailored analytical products are generated, frequently on a quick-response basis, to meet a deployed team's immediate needs. The IDC also monitors potential trouble spots worldwide, preparing to support contingency operations with IO-related products should the need arise. The IDC uses high-capacity communications links to access selected information from a number of databases maintained by a number of other commands, agencies, and organizations. In addition to providing IO support to the operations process, the IDC provides an advanced environment to leverage new technologies and explore emerging concepts. The IDC is also prepared to provide support to exercises.

The IDC's communications capability serves both operational and analytical functions by using a variety of links to supported commands and deployed LIWA teams. The IDC also has access to DOD and non-DOD Government organizations participating in IO at the National level, and exchanges information with intelligence organizations possessing IO information and subject matter expertise. Collectively, the ability to communicate worldwide permits the small number of analysts resident in the IDC to provide tailored assessments rapidly and efficiently. Finally, in support of the Army Computer Emergency Response Team (ACERT), the IDC uses communications to flash computer intrusion alerts and countermeasures across the Army.

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