Tuesday, November 02, 2010

They really are crazy

Here is Dan Freeman on Andrew Breitbart's website.
The nearly two years of corruption, plunder, and economic destruction—combined with the mockery of the American people and vilification of the private sector—has crystallized for many a realization of a home grown threat more destructive and imminently dangerous to America than any of the substantial external threats we faced over the last century. It’s a threat that has been building quietly for many years but has come to the fore since President Obama was elected. Have you wondered how the radical left managed to capture the reins of power and govern in direct opposition to the will of two thirds of the population? The answer is the New Axis of Evil. It is the power base of the left (and the Democratic Party).
Here is his gallery of the worst of the worst.

I recognize Paul Krugman at the middle lower right and George Soros at the upper left. I don't recognize the other people. Anyone know who they are? I imagine a lot of people are unhappy that they didn't make Freeman's honor roll.

Freeman wants to exclude a lot of people from being part of the country. If 99% of the country disagreed with him, he would still be saying that those people are the New Evil Empire and he is fighting to save the country from them.


Daniel said...

Bottom left looks like Chavez (to the right)

Blue said...

And the other one in that picture is Oliver Stone. Someone pointed that out in a Buzz link. Still don't know who the person at the top right is.