Friday, November 19, 2010

Selling blood plasma for a little extra spending money

From The Chronicle of Higher Education.
“For a lot of college students, it’s just a little extra spending money,” Mr. Canze [the opinion editor Central Michigan University’s student newspaper] said when I asked about the plasma trade. “I probably know nine to a dozen people who will go regularly. They screen you, hook you up, pump you, and get you on your way.” Each visit to the local BioLife Plasma Services facility takes about an hour, during which you can read, listen to music, or get on Facebook through the company’s Wifi network. The facility even offers day care. …

You make $20 per BioLife visit, Mr. Canze told me. You can go as often as twice a week, and if you go at least once a week for a month, you get a $20 bonus. The math is easy enough—you can make $180 a month. That’s real money, especially for college students, especially in Michigan.

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