Monday, November 01, 2010

My proposition recommendations (again)

See State guide and Ballot*pedia.

19. Legalize marijuana. Yes.

Why not? May not solve all our drug problems, but moves in the right direction.

20. Modify how citizen's redistricting commission works and extend it to Congressional districts. No.

Prop 11 (2008) created a citizen's commission to do redistricting for state offices. This changes the criteria to be used for redistricting. The commission is mandated to draw lines that conform to neighborhoods. This won't make districts any more competitive. If this is applied at the state level as well, it will make those less competitive. In addition, it will have the effect of making Democratic voters more highly concentrated than Republican voters and will therefore help Republicans.

21. State Park fee. Yes.

Helps save state parks.

22. Prevent state from taking money from local governments. Yes.

Will force the state to face its financial problems. Will at least let local governments do their jobs.

23. Suspend pollution rules. No.

Of course not.

24. Cancel tax breaks. Yes.

These were corporate tax breaks forced on the state in 2008 and 2009 by the 2/3 rule to get a budget passed. Reverse the extortion.

25. Majority vote budget. Yes.

Kill the 2/3 rule for passing a state budget.

26. Require 2/3 rule for imposing fees. No.

Makes it much harder to hold polluters accountable for the problems they cause. We have a 2/3 rule for taxes, which has crippled the state. Let's not add to the problems.

27. Kill redistricting commission. No.

A "Yes" vote would return redistricting authority to the legislature. Not a good idea. Prop 11 (2008) already gives that authority to a citizen's commission. Let it stay that way.

My recommendations agree with Credo Action and the League of Women Voters where we both take positions. I differ with most other progressive groups in that I oppose 27 while they favor it. I differ with the Courage Campaign in that I support 22 while they oppose it. Here is a score card.

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