Sunday, May 29, 2005

Today's Dilbert is cute!

The image above is a reduced-size version of an image on the Dilbert site archive. The normal size presentation of this image on the Dilbert site is larger and easier to read.

This image is not stored on the Russ Abbott's Adventures in Blogland blog site. The Russ Abbott's Adventures in Blogland blog site contains only a pointer to the Dilbert image.

When your computer downloads this blog entry, it also downloads the Dilbert image from the Dilbert site and displays a reduced-size version that image in the context of this blog entry. Because this blog does not have an independent copy of this image, the operators of the Dilbert site have the power to prevent your computer from downloading that image at any time simply by making the image unavailable.


a former student said...

Is that some kind of disclaimer they make you post?

Blue said...

No. I think the question of the copyright status of images is unclear. I wrote that to show what the problem is.

I did also write to the Dilbert people and ask them about it. So far, I haven't received a reply. But then, it's only one day.