Sunday, May 08, 2005

Google should provide free web hosting

In a previous post I mused about Google's strategy. It now occurs to me that Google would do well to provide a free hosting service.

Consider the fact that Google apparently attempts to cache all the pages it scans. It's hard to believe, but isn't this an attempt to copy the web? If Google is doing that anyway, why not simply host the web? It would certainly make Google's web crawling task much easier. In addition, web developers who want to appear in a Google search would be encouraged to use the free service since sites hosted by Google would presumably be sure to be indexed.

If Google became the host for a significant portion of the web, that would certainly provide a platform for whatever strategy it wants to implement. It would also make its web accelerator service a lot simpler!

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jdonnell said...

I'm not sure hosting sites would help them in any way. They would still have to index every page and save a snapshot of it for searches. Maybe they could crawl a little faster because they wouldn't have to go out of their network, but they would also have to give us access to their internal network. After all it's were our sites would be hosted, and you just commented on how tuff security can be.