Friday, May 06, 2005

Education in America

Thomas Friedman writes:
I just interviewed Craig Barrett, the chief executive of Intel, which has invested millions of dollars in trying to improve the way science is taught in U.S. schools. (The Wall Street Journal noted yesterday that China is graduating four times the number of engineers as the U.S.; Japan, with less than half our population, graduates double the number.)

In today's flat world, Mr. Barrett said, Intel can be a totally successful company without ever hiring another American. That is not its desire or intention, he said, but the fact is that it can now hire the best brain talent 'wherever it resides.'

If you look at where Intel is making its new engineering investments today, he said, it is in China, India, Russia, Poland and, to a lesser extent, Malaysia and Israel. While cutting-edge talent is still being grown in America, he added, it's not enough for Intel's needs, and not enough is being done in U.S. public schools - not just to leave no child behind, but to make sure that the best students and teachers are nurtured and rewarded.

Look at the attention Congress has focused on steroids in Major League Baseball, Mr. Barrett mused. And then look at the attention it has focused on science education in minor-league American schools.


a former student said...

why bother getting an engineering degree in the US if you know you're going to get outsourced anyway?

jdonnell said...

I do the hiring of programmers for my company. I can say that the talent pool is very thin. I was looking for an entry level web programmer and there were no good applicants. Our pay starts a bit low (~$35k)but we did not expect any experience. We were looking for someone straight out of school or someone willing to work and go to school at night. None of the applicants had a web site that they had made! None seemes as if they had put any time into programming other than what was required of them. I was really shocked and have looked at things a bit differently since then. I also know a guy at universal studios that was looking to hire a web programmer (and it paid a lot more than we did), but he couldn't find anyone either.

Note: my job posting was on monster