Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Micrsoft has lost its attempt to delay the EU monopoly sanctions

Microsoft has lost its attempt to delay European Commission sanctions [PDF, 302 pps.] ordered by the EU's Court of First Instance. Here's the order [click on the top link]. The press release from The Court of First Instance is available as a PDF from this page. The court rejected Microsoft's application "in its entirety." The company hasn't decided yet whether to appeal to the higher European Court of Justice. Yesterday it said it probably would not.

"We need to focus on doing an excellent job with complying with today's decision," Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith said in a conference call with reporters. That includes sharing technical information so other software and hardware manufacturers can develop products that work with Microsoft's Windows.

Microsoft immediately announced that it will create a website later today to begin processing requests for the interoperability information. It will unbundle Media Player by January, it says.

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