Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Face of Globalization

Istanbul based photographer Mike Mike (left) took pictures all over the world (apparently mainly of people his own age), and then averaged them into male and female composites for a number of cities. For each city he also has a Flash video of the original faces. To the right is the composite female face of Lisbon.

Of course the composites he got depended critically on the people he included from each city. His point is that people around the world look more and more alike. I think that this result was strongly dependent on the fact that he decided to photograph a very diverse group of people in each city. If you look at the Flash images from Hong Kong, you will see many people who are not native of Hong Kong. Even though Hong Kong is a very cosmopolitan city, I doubt that the if you took a random sampling of people, the result would turn out looking as globalized as his result does.

Click either picture to get to the site: Ethnic and regional diversity - the effects of globalization on local populations.

(via Radley Balko, TheAgitator.com)

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