Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Intelligent Design? Which one?

Sean Carroll's Preposterous Universe refers to a collection of LiveScience.com pages that point out that there are a number of competing "intelligent design" theories.
If you want to teach about intelligent design, you will have to decide which of the designers you should highlight. And, despite what you might read in comic books, there are a lot more designer-based theories of creation than science-based ones. Apostropher points to a helpful list of the Top Ten Intelligent Designs:

  • Norse mythology
  • Zorastrianism
  • Babylon's Enuma Elish
  • Egyptian mythology
  • The Aztec Earth Mother
  • China's Cosmic Egg
  • Japan's incestuous siblings
  • Hinduism's Rig Veda
  • Hesiod's Theogony
  • The Judeo-Christian-Islamic Garden of Eden

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