Thursday, April 12, 2007

Facebook | Terms of Sale

Facebook allows member to give "virtual gifts" to each other. The one I picked cost $1.00. Then I looked at the terms of sale.
Company's virtual gift service allows you to select an image from Facebook's Virtual Gift Store and post it on the recipient's profile along with a message from you (the 'Virtual Gift'). The length of time the Virtual Gift will remain posted on the recipient's profile (unless hidden or deleted by the recipient) will be determined by Company in its sole discretion, but it will remain there for a minimum of two weeks unless hidden or deleted by the recipient. The images and other content included as part of the Virtual Gift is part of the Site Content and is subject to all terms and conditions regarding such Site Content as are set forth in the Terms of Use. In addition, any message that you include with the Virtual Gift must comply with all terms and conditions regarding User Content and User Conduct as set forth in the Terms of Use.

Without limiting any of the foregoing, the Virtual Gift service is a service (notwithstanding any use of the terms 'purchase,' 'buy,' 'sell,' 'order' or the like on the Site or in these Terms of Sale),and neither you nor your recipient obtains or retains any rights or ownership interest of any kind in or to any Virtual Gift you send or receive through the Virtual Gift service, and neither you nor the recipient may reproduce, distribute, transfer, modify or otherwise use the Virtual Gift in any manner other than as expressly authorized by Company.
[Emphasis and paragraphing added.]

All use of the Virtual Gift service is for your personal, non-commercial use only.
Apparently neither the giver nor the recipient gets anything for the $1.00. Why does Facebook want to annoy its users like that?

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