Monday, February 27, 2006

Thanks again, Rachel

Rachel has apparently become quite a fan of my blog. (See "Thanks, Rachel.") Here's her latest comment.
I honestly must say this is one of the most useful blogs I have ever come across. I am not just saying that to butter you up! I am doing my thesis paper for my master degrees [sic] and spent the last 12 hours (and 10 cups of coffee) researching this area topic [sic]. So many blogs have generic information but yours is different. I can actually apply some of this information to my works [sic]. No worries [sic] I will give you credit in my references. I took it upon myself to add you to my favorites and will visit back to let you know how my grade ends up. Many thanks! [link to advertised site].
For someone doing an MS project, it's surprising how poor her writing is.

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