Sunday, February 05, 2006

"Jesus, The Teenage Years"

A Google ad for a poster called "Jesus, The Teenage Years" showed up on my blog—presumably because of my post about Lorenzo Albacete three posts down. (The Google ads are in the sidebar on the right. Scroll down to see them. This one may be there now.)

I assume it is intended to be pro-Christian. (I believe it is intended to help Christian parents who have teenage children.) But I can imagine that some Christians would be offended. Is this offensive? It's not critical in the same way that the cartoons showing Muhammad are critical. But it does show Jesus with a belly tattoo, a shaved head, and something of a self-satisfied teenage smirk.

Would Moslems be offended by a comparable poster depicting "Muhammad, the Teeneage Years?"

According to the web site
The bible says nothing about Jesus from the time he was 13 until he was 28. Its pretty clear, though, that Jesus experienced the same challenges that any child would face while growing up.

What were his struggles like when his body was developing and he became aware of sex?

What was Jesus schooling like?

Since the Bible is silent on Jesus' teenage years, we get to think for ourselves about what he was like.
I wonder what traditional theologians would say.

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