Tuesday, July 12, 2005

JavaOne 2005

TheServerSide at JavaOne 2005
Jonathan Schwartz [president of Sun Microsystems, creator of the Java programming language] ended the morning keynote by declaring, 'The information age is history. We are now entering the Participation Age.'"


Matthew said...

What's the difference? Did people not participate in creating and sharing information before? Sounds like marketing for their server products to me.

Blue said...

It is, of course, marketing. But it is also an attempt to make explicit how the web (and technology in general) is changing the world.

We are all (at least potentially) much more actively involved now than in the past. The idea used to be that information is king. The increasing ubiquity of computing makes the whole world much more self-interactive.

I'm teaching a course on System architecture. Not knowing what to do in that course, I started a wiki about it. Ubiquitous computing now seems to me to be the unifying concept.