Friday, July 01, 2005

How Bush is tarnishing history

I was in Washington recently and drove past Arlington cemetery on the way back to the Airport. (Did you know that there is a bus from downtown Washington to the Airport of $3.00? A terrific bargain!)

As I drove past the cemetery, the image that came to mind was that of a burial ground for a war machine — something like the war machine of the bad guys in Starwars. I've never thought of our dead soldiers like that before. But unfortunately, that is one of the consequences of Bush's war.

I believe that the soldiers and marines currently in Iraq want to do good. They don't want to hurt people. It is part of our national heritage that we believe we do good for people. We like to think of ourselves as liberators. I'm sure most of the soldiers in Iraq want to think of themselves in that light.

But unfortunately, that's not how the world thinks of us. Our soldiers are thought of as occupiers. And our military is thought of as a heavy-handed conquering force. That rubs off on the past. So when one rides past our military cemeteries, those who are buried there are having their reputations tarnished by Bush's war in Iraq.

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