Thursday, June 24, 2004

Torture in Iraq - Let's Put an Ad on Arab Television

Although I don't think of the word faithful as one that I would apply to myself, there is a nice multi-faith ad here sponsored by an organization called that expresses dismay at recent abuses of prisoner. You can sign up as an endorser if you like. The plan is to run this ad on Arab TV.

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Anonymous said...


It does not make much sense to me. Good intentions, maybe. But not very effective.

When Bush was aird saying sorry nobody cared, nobody listened, noone trusted him.

It is not enough to say sorry. What actions are proposed?.

This can be even counter productive. Looks like and advertisement campaign, very american, very discredited. Could easily be confused with all the propaganda the military are filming with natives (playing football, etc) trying to convince the ocuppied people they soon have their "own" government.

If there were massive demonstrations that made Rumsfeld resign, Bush impeached, prisoners in the torture camp of Guantanamo considered POW under LEGISLATION, etc, the arab TV would air them for sure and there you have and advertisement campaign that could work, and for free.

p.s. I know that many people demonstrated against the war some time ago and i give value to that.