Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chrome misses some images. Not.

This image shows the web page of the College of Engineering, Computer Scienc, and Technology of Cal State, LA as displayed in four browsers. From left to right: IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Note that in all but Chrome there are 7 icons (which are also links) at the left of the page. In Chrome two of them are missing.

The images are all JPGs:

Friends of ECST

Friends of ECST

Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer Workshop

Competition Teams

Leadership Convocation 2009

Corporate Scholars Day

STEP link


Free Software

Even in this list, the second and ninth don't show up in Chrome, but they do show up in the other browsers.

I just figured out what it is. It isn't Chrome; it's my AdBlock software. The two missing images are in "ads" directories. The others aren't. The only differences in the paths are that the missing images are in the
directory. The others are in the
directory. When I turn off the AdBlock filter, the two missing images show up in Chrome.

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