Saturday, August 21, 2010

A cute Target protest video

It goes on a bit too long. I would have stopped after about 2 minutes.

I doubt that I'd have the guts to do that. Can you imagine this happening at your local Target?

Click here to sign a MoveOn anti-Target petition.

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rar said...

While its great and all to take a stand, I'm still going to shop at Target, I'd like my wife who works there to still be employed. This was a corporate thing, and the good peeps who work at target (people from all walks of life) should not lose their jobs cause of it.

From the words of a Target Employee:
"If you honestly feel, that Target is anti-gay, then you are sadly mistaken. You have not seen met our demographic shoppers, also our highest volume of those being West Hollywood. Obviously some analyst missed some pretty important ground work before delivering a proposal to donate to this campaign, but the intentions were not to be anti-gay.

Not to mention how bad this sucks for the employees of this store (ref video) who have no say in political contributions and to disturb their day at work. Take it to the corporate offices people."