Saturday, August 21, 2010

More corporate shenanigans

Courage Campaign | Stop Anthem: Sign the letter demanding they stop blocking implementation of the health care law
Anthem Blue Cross made headlines earlier this year when they proposed a whopping 39% rate increase for their health insurance policies. Now they're trying to stop the implementation of the federal health care law here in California.

Anthem Blue Cross is going all-out to fight the implementation of the federal health care reform law here in California. While the public’s attention is elsewhere, Anthem is fighting to kill the bills that would set up the state-based “exchanges” that are the heart of the health care law.

If Anthem gets their way, they’ll make it difficult for you to get affordable health insurance. They’re counting on you to stay silent as they once again destroy reform.

We're not going to let that happen. That’s why the Courage Campaign is joining with Wendell Potter to deliver a letter to the new president of Anthem Blue Cross, Pam Kehaly, to demand that she and her company stop trying to undermine the health care reform law in California. Will you add your name to the letter now?
Dear Ms. Kehaly,

We're paying attention. We're not going to let you get away with your efforts to undermine the federal health care reform law.

We demand that you and Anthem Blue Cross drop your opposition to AB 1602 and SB 900, the bills that set up the state-based health insurance exchange that is at the heart of the new law. We want the state of California to manage these exchanges, negotiate for affordable rates, and provide Californians with the affordable health care that the federal law offers.

We are not going to rest until every California has affordable health care. And that begins with passing these bills to implement the federal law.

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