Saturday, October 04, 2008

Zeusville points to this video as a good, if unintentional, Sarah Palin impression. Here's her answer to the opening question.
IFILL: Welcome to you both. As we have determined by a coin toss , the first question will go to Senator Biden.

The Senate & House of Representatives this week passed a big bailout bill … As America watches these things happen on Capitol Hill , Senator Biden, was this the worst of Washington or the best of Washington that we saw play out?


IFILL: Thank you, Senator.

Governor Palin?

PALIN: Thank you , Gwen. And I thank the commission also. I appreciate this privilege of being able to be here and speak with Americans.

You know , I think a good barometer here , as we try to figure out has this been a good time or a bad time in America’s economy , is go to a kid’s soccer game on Saturday , and turn to any parent there on the sideline and ask them , “How are you feeling about the economy?”

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