Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Empty Campaign of John McCain

Jared Bernstein writes,
At this point I really wonder: what's in it for him? Why does McCain want to be president? Those who have followed him for years don't recognize his agenda, his tactics, his positions (e.g., the great populist regulator!). How could a man of seemingly deep conviction morph into this caricature? His campaign is empty, with no spiritual or intellectual core; its tactics have devolved into a series of crass surprises and Hail Mary passes.
Has he become that desperate to be President that he is willing to give up everything he's believed in, to give up his reputation for honesty and straight talk, for the ever slimmer chance of becoming President? Perhaps he'll wake up—but I doubt it. Wouldn't it be wonderful—and a true McCain moment—for McCain to announce on the eve of the election that he now sees that he has lost his way and that he urges everyone to unite behind Obama and help this country pick itself up and regain its health, strength, and character. Then he would go down in history as the hero is once was—and could be again.

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