Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Republican Road to Nowhere

If only I had more faith in David Brooks.
The Republican Party is more unpopular than at any point in the past 40 years. Democrats have a 50 to 36 party identification advantage, the widest in a generation. The general public prefers Democratic approaches on health care, corruption, the economy and Iraq by double-digit margins. Republicans’ losses have come across the board, but the G.O.P. has been hemorrhaging support among independent voters. Surveys from the Pew Research Center and The Washington Post, Kaiser Foundation and Harvard University show that independents are moving away from the G.O.P. on social issues, globalization and the roles of religion and government.

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Liberator_Rev said...

The country's finally catching up to me (LOL). I've been on the www for over 12 years telling my fellow Americans how horrible the Republican Party is, at http://JesusNoRepublican.Org/ and how much better and more Christian the Democratic Party is, at http://LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/.
It's taken some people longer to get the message than others, but 2008 is the year the majority finally gets it right.