Sunday, January 06, 2008

Clinton meltldown? Clinton shrillness? I think it's Clinton strength.

This is the segment about change that Hilary Clinton has been criticized for. I think she shows strength. I don't like the way the media appear to be ganging up on her. I hope there is a backlash and that she gets a sympathy bounce.

I haven't yet decided whom to support. Obama is attractive. But I haven't seen any particular depth of intelligence in anything he's said so far. (I haven't been paying that much attention to anything anyone has been saying, though. So it may be there.) I like his ability to refrain (for the most part) from attacking and his tendency toward conciliation. Perhaps he can be successful. But Clinton has already demonstrated that ability for quite a few years in the Senate.

By the way, when Bill Richardson entered the race, I saw and loved his initial ad.

I even sent him some money. Since then, though, he hasn't said anything interesting as far as I'm concerned. He hasn't said anything wrong, but nothing worth particularly original or worth thinking about.

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