Sunday, July 08, 2007

Faith Intertwines With Political Life for Clinton

The New York Times has a story on Senator Clinton's faith. I'm impressed. She seems truly to have a personal faith. It's not the way I think about my life, but I seems to give her depth and substance. It also seems to reflect a sense of religion that I find to have a positive influence on public life. As Debora's bumper sticker says: a proud member of the religious left.
“We all have things that oftentimes we’re upset about, or ashamed of, or feel guilty over, and so many people carry these enormous burdens around,” Mrs. Clinton said in a recent interview. “One of the great gifts of faith is to let it go.” …

Mrs. Clinton and others who have known her as a church youth-group member, a Sunday school teacher or a participant in weekly Senate prayer breakfasts say faith has helped define her, shaping everything from her commitment to public service to the most intimate of decisions.

“It has certainly been a huge part of who I am, and how I have seen the world and what I believe in, and what I have tried to do in my life,” Mrs. Clinton said in the half-hour interview devoted to her religious convictions, which her campaign granted only after months of requests. …

“It is both hard to forgive and ask for forgiveness,” she said. “There’s a reason it is talked about in the Bible. It is really hard. It is hard for people to let go of legitimate hurts and slights and disappointments.”
The religious right commentators have attempted to dismiss her faith. I hope her substance and sincerity come through to people for whom "faith" is a litmus test.

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