Friday, July 06, 2007

Couples with frozen embryos would prefer to donate them for stem cell research than to other couples

From (e.g., Huliq: Breaking News) From a survey of couples with unused frozen embryos.
Of 1,020 people who responded by saying they still had embryos in storage, 49 percent said they were likely to donate some or all of them for research. When asked specifically about stem cell research, the portion willing to donate embryos rose to 62 percent.

'It suggests that people are more willing to pursue research when they know more about it and how it might benefit their fellow citizens,' Lyerly said.

She added that research was preferred over donating the embryos to other infertile couples, 'which brings into question the idea that the more you care about an embryo, the more you want it to become a child.'
Many more reports here.

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