Thursday, November 09, 2006

A political interest group for every interest

From InformationWeek
Online gamblers miffed at recent federal legislation that seeks to block Internet gambling were cheering after Representative Jim Leach, R-Iowa, the sponsor of the anti-gaming legislation, was defeated in this week's election.

'A victory for Internet gambling as Jim Leach gets voted out,' crowed Gambling911, a pro-gambling Web site, for instance.

Leach had served for 30 years as a congressman from Iowa. He was narrowly defeated by Dave Loebsack, the Democratic Party challenger. Leach was the sponsor of HR 4411, the bill that stops U.S. banks and credit card companies from accepting payments for online gambling.

'A lot of poker fans were lobbying against Leach,' said former New Jersey gaming regulator Frank Catania. 'Poker players have been organizing. They could eventually be a (lobbying) group like the Sierra Club.'

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