Thursday, November 02, 2006

CFA's "public witness" website

The California Faculty Association (CFA) recently launched an investigative web site, CSI:CSU that will provide students, parents, staff, faculty, and even those within the Administration with a forum to communicate publicly or anonymously about the problems they see with the leadership of the California State University system.

The web site is a take off on the CBS hit series “CSI,” as the CFA believes that the California State University administration is abusing taxpayer dollars and corrupting higher education in California. Numerous media reports over the last several months have exposed that the CSU administration has been handing out millions of dollars in golden parachute deals to former executives and that the Board of Trustees is making critical budget decisions based on politics instead of on what is best for the students of the CSU system.

Students and faculty are especially outraged that behind closed doors, the Board approved the hiring of Barry Munitz, the former CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust who was forced to resign from the non-profit after he misused the non-profit’s funds. He is being paid $163,776 - almost double the typical salary of $85,000 for a Cal State professor with 25 years of teaching experience.

The new web site features a “public witness blog” where bloggers can post their thoughts about the administration’s betrayal of trust and a tips hotline for users that want to submit anonymous tips via email or telephone. The investigative team, led by the faculty, staff, and students, will look into each lead as they look to hold the CSU administration accountable for their actions.

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