Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Take Note of Your Mind

I had not heard of Thynn Thynn before seeing this,
It's impossible to take note of your mind all of the time. You would tie yourself up in knots and run off the road. Instead of going to an extreme, begin by concentrating on one particular emotion in yourself. Choose the emotion that bothers you the most, or the one that is most prominent in you … . For many people, anger is a good starting point because it is easily noticed and dissolves faster than most other emotions. Once you begin to watch your anger, you will make an interesting discovery. You will find that as soon as you know you are angry, your anger will melt away by itself. It is very important that you watch without likes or dislikes. The more you are able to look at your own anger without making judgments, without being critical, the more easily the anger will dissipate.

--Thynn Thynn, Living Meditation, Living Insight
I liked that statement enough to look her up. Here is a website that offers some information about her.

The extract is from her book, Living Meditation, Living Insight, second edition published about a decade ago. The book is freely downloadable here.

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