Monday, December 26, 2005

Political negotiating in Iraq

The New York Times reports:
Sunni Arab political leaders asked the main Shiite political bloc on Sunday to give them 10 Shiite seats in the new Parliament in an early attempt to defuse tensions over the results of the Dec. 15 election.

The Shiites refused. …

It was not clear whether Iraqi election rules would permit such a seat donation, even if the Shiites had agreed. …

The maneuvering on Sunday was focused on the final election tally, which will not be ready until next month, in part because of the numerous Sunni complaints. Iraqi investigators have begun to look into about 50 complaints that might change the results of the election.

"The real negotiation will start after the final results of the election," said Nadeen al-Jabari, head of the Fadhila Party, which is part of the Shiite alliance.
Political hardball in Iraq is a lot harder than here. In 2000 Gore just gave up. Can you imagine what would have happened if this had been Iraq?

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