Tuesday, August 23, 2005


From BostonHerald.com
GOP gubernatorial grandstander Arnold Schwarzenegger, descending on Boston today with his entourage of Hollywood bootlickers, is so peeved at the bad local press he's been getting he's cutting his trip to the Hub short, Republican political sources said yesterday.

Schwarzenegger … is attending tonight's kickoff Rolling Stone's concert at Fenway Park to skim some campaign moolah off the backs of willing GOP saps.

But his high-voltage foray into the Hub has turned into a VIP fiasco as $10,000- to $100-000-a-head tickets to his pricey fund-raiser have become box-office poison.

And now a California watchdog group is questioning whether the astronomical price of artless Arnie's Stones fund-raiser violates the Bay State's ticket-scalping laws.

"Not only is he hawking tickets for a show that is sold out, he's breaking Massachusetts anti-scalping law to do so,'' Douglas Heller, director of the California-based Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, said in a statement.

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