Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Brilliant Memory Card

How unbearably clever. David Pogue writes about SanDisk's new 512 MB Ultra II SD PLUS Secure Digital Card.
Even though the card itself is smaller than a postage stamp, it's been built with teeny, tiny hinges. And when you fold it back on itself, you reveal a set of metal contacts that you can insert directly into the U.S.B. jack of your Mac or PC.

The card doesn't have an actual U.S.B. connector …; it dispenses with the outer rectangle frame. All that really counts, it turns out, is those metal contacts. …

(Wait--does that mean that you can use the card as an actual flash drive, the kind people use to carry their computer files around? Absolutely. SanDisk even includes a little keychain case for it.)
Unfortunately, it seems to be sold out almost everywhere. See the listing. Note that this is the SD card, not the CompactFlash card.

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