Sunday, February 13, 2005

Distressing amounts of creativity

I subscribe to so many blogs these days, that I don't read any of them. I don't like to look at my Bloglines subscription list because it shows too many unread blogs. I think I subscribe to Crooked Timber but I'm not sure anymore. (Crooked Timber seems deliberately to have hidden the url of its logo.)

Anyway, I got there though some means other than Bloglines — which apparently is being purchased by Ask Jeeves. From there I linked to
which is one of a number of web comics on
which seems strange because
is drawn by a man even though it seems to be drawn and written in a female voice.

All the comics on
which invites you to include their comics on your web site for free, are bright and playful, lots of creativity, as are the blogs on Crooked Timber. It's reassuring to know there are so many creative people in the world. It's distressing to realize that I don't have the time to follow what they are all saying.

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