Friday, December 10, 2010

Delaying new pollution controls rules

Madeleine Brand had a segment on Obama's decision to delay polution controls on the grounds that they will "kill jobs." That's exactly backward. I left this comment on the show's website.
Allowing the new rules to go into effect will create jobs, not kill them.

Corporations are making more money and have more money in the bank now than at any time in history. They aren't spending it because of insufficient demand. Allowing the new rules to go into effect creates demand. The demand it creates is for pollution controls, but it is demand nevertheless.

Corporations can afford to make investments in pollution controls because they have so much money available to spend. This is exactly the right time to ask them to spend it. They are in a position to do so now, and doing so now will stimulate the economy. If Obama really believes that allowing the rules to go into effect will kill jobs, he has become more captive to Republican propaganda than we realized.

Where are his economic advisors?

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