Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Estonia's Songs of Defiance

The Singing Revolution was a film documenting Estonia's breaking away from Russian domination at the end of the cold war. It told the story of Estonia's tradition of singing and how that provided the foundation for a peaceful revolt. The people who made that film are making Songs of Defiance (trailer link below),
a celebration of Estonia’s spectacular song festival, called “Laulupidu”. Today Laulupidu continues to thrive, with nearly 30,000 singers on stage sharing both modern and traditional music with an audience of well over 100,000.

The festival amazes on so many fronts…Every five years this UNESCO cultural event gathers choirs from around the nation, and the world, to sing at the highest levels of beauty and professionalism. This festival is also a reflection of the Estonian spirit – and the special role the festival has played in keeping that spirit sustained during years of suppressive occupation.

The film follows an American children’s choir to Tallinn, Estonia, where they are hosted by an Estonian choir as they participate in the festival. Through this cultural exchange we are able to share the wonder, history, beauty – and most importantly - the singing that is Laulupidu.

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