Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From the business office

I recently received this email "on behalf of our Dean of Undergraduate Studies."
Effective immediately Disqualified students who are authorized by the instructor to take their class through Open University shall be allowed to do so. Courses taken through Open University can be used to raise the GPA, for Grade Replacement or to complete a course that is offered only once per year.

Campus policy specifically prohibits matriculated students with continuing student status from taking classes through Open University. However, since Disqualified students are neither matriculated nor do they have continuing student status, there is no basis in policy for preventing them from taking courses through Open University. If you have any question please contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies.
This is not a matter of not allowing disqualified students from taking seats that registered students want. When a student registers for a class through Open University, s/he sits in the same classroom, hears the same lectures, and does the same work as the regularly registered students. S/he just pays more.

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