Monday, May 17, 2010

Boycott BP Petition

According to BP CEO Tony Hayward, the amount of oil his company is spewing into the Gulf of Mexico is "tiny" compared to "a very big ocean."


Experts estimate that BP's broken pipeline is pumping 50 times - 50 times! - more oil into the ocean than the company first stated publicly. Countless people could lose their livelihoods, and huge underwater oil plumes could devastate sea life and create massive dead zones.
Boycott BP Petition: "Take the Beyond BP Pledge! Drive a car? Like the occasional fountain drink? Send a clear message to BP by boycotting its gas and retail store products. Don't spend a cent of your hard-earned money to feed the bottom line of a corporation that has a sordid history of negligence, willfully violates environmental regulations, and is spewing thousands and thousands of barrels of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico.

I pledge to boycott BP for at least three months."

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rhrossiter said...

Just do it! They've been lying since the beginning. Vote out whomever votes anything positive for the oil companies, Vote TAXES for ALL oil companies or we'll never have another clean shoreline. I'm okay with being taxed too. But get the big guys first, including oil/gas hogs we drive. AND the gas we pay for everyday. Nobody dies from a wind spill. No one should be exempted.