Sunday, March 07, 2010

Buzz updating

An interesting feature of Google's Buzz is that it updates messages. I have it set up so that every blog post I create becomes a Buzz message. That's fine, but not all that unusual. What's especially neat is that when I edit my blog post, the Buzz message is edited at well.

So I guess this means that the Buzz messages aren't copied from the blog and sent as messages. What Buzz must send as messages to its message stream are pointers back to the blog entries so that when you look at a Buzz entry that pointer is expanded to show the current content of the blog entry. Very neat.

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Arash said...

It's not exactly a pointer because if you delete your post it will remain in Google Reader and Buzz forever. It is actually a copy of RSS feed output of your blog which gets synched frequently. But if a post is deleted, it will not be deleted from Google Reader and Buzz, because RSS output usually have limited number of posts in them (i.e. the older post are removed) but Google Reader wants to keep all the posts. So when a post is removed, they don't take it off of Google reader and Buzz, which is annoying sometimes.