Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Times Skimmer

The NY Times has a great new feature: the Times Skimmer. It's even ad-free. Try it. The only bad thing about it is that it shows you how much interesting stuff is available on just that one website!

Look, for example, at this column by Uwe E. Reinhardt, an economics professor at Princeton, which answers a David Brooks column about our American common sense with respect to the role of government.

Or look at this column by the biologist Sean Carroll about animals with built-in antifreeze. It lead me to this column about animals with built-in toxins.

And then there is this column about how Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Yahoo compete. I made that into the blog entry below.

To get to the Times Skimmer from the Times home page, be sure you are in U.S. Edition. (Select U.S. instead of Global from the top of the left navigation list.) Then click "Try the Times Skimmer" on the line below the main logo.

On another subject, I'm trying to figure out what good TimesPeople is. Here are my Times recommendations.

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